TCH launches CJ Hendry’s 50 Foods in 50 Days Exhibition in Melbourne

The work of an extraordinary artistic talent such as CJ Hendry deserves and demands more than plain white walls for its showcase.

That was the approach The Cool Hunter took right from the beginning with her meticulous hand-drawn art work.

TCH first introduced her in Sydney, Australia, as part of the Art Hunter experience in conjunction with Jaguar.

This was followed by her first solo presentation, a four-day exclusive art and food reception at

Every one of CJ Hendry’s pieces has been sold out prior to the three events, and such was the case with 50 Foods in 50 Days as well. Each of the 50 square black-and-white hand-drawn pieces, depicting photo-realistic French designer plates with various food items, was sold as soon as the series was announced. The hunger for her art seems to be insatiable!

As usual, Natalie more than delivered. Dramatic black envelopes the viewer and draws all attention to the mesmerizing art and intriguing gourmet food. The dramatic launch event build and production was by



Susie’s Fun Australian Home

Name: Susie Jones, housemates Bindy and Kerry, and Ruby the dog
Location: Collingwood — Victoria, Australia
Size: 94 square meters (1,012 square feet)
Years lived in: 2 years; Owned by Susie

Susie Jones bought her home in the inner north of Melbourne in Collingwood a few years ago, and it definitely reflects her personality and that of her housemates. While it showcases her love of vintage and nostalgia, Susie’s home is sprinkled with a little bit of fun and humor, too.

Apartment Therapy Survey:
Our Style: Mid-century meets Australiana. The word eclectic is overused, but you could certainly call it that.

Inspiration: Other people’s homes. I love looking at other people’s style, either in person or via websites such as Apartment Therapy, The Design Files, Spaces, or any interiors magazine. Travel, art, and nostalgia play a role also.

Favorite Element: The natural light. Terrace houses can be quite dark, but previous owners have renovated to get the most sunshine in.

Biggest Challenge: Like a lot of old houses it’s a little wonky, so it’s sometimes a bit tricky leveling furniture. My builder was a very good sport about it.

What Friends Say: It has a lovely feel. A friend’s 4-year-old daughter was quite taken with it recently and asked if her family could live there (despite them having a much fancier home themselves).

Biggest Embarrassment: I accidentally bought a laundry sink for the kitchen, which you wouldn’t think would be an issue, but it never drains properly. Not a good look.

Proudest DIY: I know myself well enough not to attempt much DIY. I’m not sure if this counts as DIY, but managing to keep all the plants alive and thriving (both indoors and out) is a new skill for me.

Biggest Indulgence: Apart from the house itself, probably the Hans Wegner Plank Couch. I don’t like modern couches, but old ones tend to be style over comfort. This one manages to be both nice to look at and comfortable.

Best Advice: My brother teaching me to de-clutter. If left to my own devices I can be a bit hoard-y.

Dream Sources: Any kind of large flea market is always fun. Especially overseas. I had a great day wandering around the Paris Flea Market and would have bought a lot had I been a local. Closer to home, my neighborhood of Collingwood and surrounds have such great housewares and secondhand shops it can be

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